Westside Nursing


Susan H. Print

“Westside…...looked after my parents….“ over 5 years. “The women employed by Westside were, without exception, caring, kind, reliable, honest and personable….including cooking, feeding, changing, bathing, …pericare..grooming…laundry and lighthousekeeping..pet cat..fed and groomed…”

Britta O. Print

“What was so impressive about Westside was that I had the feeling that a solution for the care of my mother would be found.  As a result, we as a family felt so relieved.  An angel was indeed found and things are now so smooth for my mother.”

Barb L. Print

“Your nurses are my angels.”

Casey F. Print

“You were wonderful with my mother.  It is such a peace of mind to know there is such a wonderful company such as yours available to Mom and our family.  Thank you for exploring all of our options -- both government and private.  We would never have known what was out there for the care of Mom.  We now use a combination of both government and private, and Mom is managing beautifully now.  One phone call and a visit from you -- we went from crisis to peace.  Thank you.”

Janis J. Print

" I thank you and your wonderful staff for introducing us to home nursing care.  Our only regret is that we didn’t come into contact sooner.  You and your staff were outstanding.  I thank you again and again.”


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